With over 3 decades of experience and an exuberant interest in researching and fetching the finest quality of material across the globe, Chennai Mattress are India’s leading mattress specialist.

Mr. Sunny Mampilly, the expert behind Chennai Mattress, is flourished with an experience in Mattress and Rubber products from the early 1980’s. His family are an early players in Mattress and Rubber products industry from 1970;s. His experience and expertise in Rubber industry led him to start including Latex mattress into the product range of Chennai mattress.

The company has been providing exquisite sleeping experience to its customers for generations. The myriad range of products, friendly customer service, and unbeatable price are some of the key reasons that have placed them ahead of their competitors. The craftsmen at Chennai Mattress are all experts in their field and go an extra mile to help customers make an informed decision and get the best value for their price. The support of the company doesn’t end with making a sale but continues afterwards. Their attention-to-detail, quick turnaround time and a customer-centric approach give buyers a relaxing and hassle free buying experience.

Why us?

Our mattresses are an amalgamation of both luxury and comfort We first understand your requirements and then showcase products that not only best define your immediate needs but also fit your budget. We bring you the finest quality of material from across the globe to give an ultimate sleeping experience. Our products are carefully delivered to your doorstep with no additional shipping cost. We allow our customers to try our mattresses for a week before making the final call. Our easy refund and replacement policies allow both newbies and repeated customers make their buying decision with confidence. Our operations are not geared towards selling but making a long-term trusted bond with our customers.